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Theorising The Ibero American Atlantic

ISBN 10 : 9789004258068
ISBN 13 : 900425806X

Theorising the Ibero-American Atlantic offers fresh and challenging perspectives on the Atlantic turn in Hispanic and Latin American studies. Contributors, while mindful of its lim..

The Jews And The Expansion Of Europe To The West 1450 To 1800

ISBN 10 : 1571811532
ISBN 13 : 9781571811530

Jews and Judaism played a significant role in the history of the expansion of Europe to the west as well as in the history of the economic, social, and religious development of the..

Prince Henry The Navigator

ISBN 10 : 0300091303
ISBN 13 : 9780300091304

This enthralling bio of the legendary 15th century Portuguese prince examines the full range of his activities as an imperialist and as a maritime, cartographical, and navigational..