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Brave Or Stupid

ISBN 10 : 9789198186727
ISBN 13 : 9198186728

When you read about someone sailing around the world, it’s usually a dotcom millionaire or a professional adventurer. Brave or Stupid? tells a very different story. It’s an eve..

Brave Or Stupid

ISBN 10 : 9198186701
ISBN 13 : 9789198186703


As Brave As You

ISBN 10 : 9781481415910
ISBN 13 : 1481415913

"When two brothers decide to prove how brave they are, everything backfires--literally"--..

Idiot America

ISBN 10 : 0767932080
ISBN 13 : 9780767932080

NATIONAL BESTSELLER The three Great Premises of Idiot America: · Any theory is valid if it sells books, soaks up ratings, or otherwise moves units · Anything can be true if someo..

Heroes Of The Frontier

ISBN 10 : 9780735272460
ISBN 13 : 0735272468

A captivating, often hilarious novel of family, loss, wilderness, and the curse of a violent America, Dave Eggers’s Heroes of the Frontier is a powerful examination of our contem..

How The News Makes Us Dumb

ISBN 10 : 083087559X
ISBN 13 : 9780830875597

We who live at the end of the twentieth century are better informed--and more quickly informed--than any people in history. So why do we also seem more confused, divided and foolis..

Be Stupid

ISBN 10 : 0847837580
ISBN 13 : 9780847837588

Diesel's Be Stupid advertising campaign created a stir worldwide. Now the philosophy behind the campaign is presented in full in Renzo Rosso's manual of practical advice and busine..