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Crossing Over

ISBN 10 : 9781552381915
ISBN 13 : 1552381919

Promotes reflection on the socio-ethical and policy and regulatory aspects of genomics and biotechnology. This collection of essays illuminates the common themes surrounding this h..

Crossing Over

ISBN 10 : 9781101444337
ISBN 13 : 1101444339

Roger Kilbourne has the ability to "cross over" into the land of the dead and speak with its residents. It is a startling gift, and not a pleasant one. Roger manages to escape his ..

Crossing Over

ISBN 10 : 0796921199
ISBN 13 : 9780796921192

For thousands of years, people have asked the question How did the world begin? While many cultures and communities have a faith-based answer to this query, the theory of evolution..

Crossing Over The Line

ISBN 10 : 9780226468709
ISBN 13 : 0226468704

Crossing over the Line describes the folly of the Mann Act of 1910—a United States law which made travel from one state to another by a man and a woman with the intent of committ..

Crossing Over

ISBN 10 : 0739109618
ISBN 13 : 9780739109618

Despite growing cultural and economic homogenization across the globe, the visible presence of immigrant communities stands out in many metropolises of the world. In almost all maj..

Crossing Over

ISBN 10 : 9781452528458
ISBN 13 : 1452528454

The third son of a farmer, born in the small town of Kooweerup in rural Victoria during the Second World War, author Daryl Joyce was a sensitive Australian boy who realized there w..