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Spatial Data Analysis In The Social And Environmental Sciences

ISBN 10 : 0521448662
ISBN 13 : 9780521448666

Within both the social and environmental sciences, much of the data collected is within a spatial context and requires statistical analysis for interpretation. The purpose of this ..

Statistical Data Analysis Explained

ISBN 10 : 9781119965282
ISBN 13 : 1119965284

Few books on statistical data analysis in the natural sciences are written at a level that a non-statistician will easily understand. This is a book written in colloquial language,..

Gis And Geocomputation For Water Resource Science And Engineering

ISBN 10 : 9781118826218
ISBN 13 : 1118826213

GIS and Geocomputation for Water Resource Science and Engineering not only provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of geographic information systems but also demo..

Environmental Data Analysis

ISBN 10 : 9783110424904
ISBN 13 : 3110424908

Most environmental data involve a large degree of complexity and uncertainty. Environmental Data Analysis is created to provide modern quantitative tools and techniques designed sp..

Bayesian Logical Data Analysis For The Physical Sciences

ISBN 10 : 9781139444286
ISBN 13 : 113944428X

Bayesian inference provides a simple and unified approach to data analysis, allowing experimenters to assign probabilities to competing hypotheses of interest, on the basis of the ..

Statistics For Spatio Temporal Data

ISBN 10 : 9781119243069
ISBN 13 : 1119243068

Winner of the 2013 DeGroot Prize. A state-of-the-art presentation of spatio-temporal processes, bridging classic ideas with modern hierarchical statistical modeling concepts and th..