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In The Eye Of The Storm

ISBN 10 : 9781853119026
ISBN 13 : 1853119024

In 2003, Gene Robinson was elected as the Bishop of New Hampshire - the first openly gay man to be called to serve in such a position. Clearly beloved in his diocese and chosen fro..

Eye Of The Storm

ISBN 10 : 9780802723895
ISBN 13 : 0802723896

In the not-too-distant future, huge tornadoes and monster storms have become a part of everyday life. Sent to spend the summer in the heart of storm country with her meteorological..

In The Eye Of The Storm

ISBN 10 : 9781612157146
ISBN 13 : 1612157149


Eye Of The Storm

ISBN 10 : 9781847396945
ISBN 13 : 1847396941

After a successful first year in one of London's finest drama schools, Rain returns to America to cope with the death of Grandmother Hudson, the only family member who truly loved ..

The Eye Of The Storm

ISBN 10 : 9781589397569
ISBN 13 : 1589397568

"The Eye of the Storm," the tenth book in the Brothers Series and sixth in the Shamrocks Saga, continues the story begun in Shamrocks in the Heather with the on-going adventures of..

In The Eye Of The Storm

ISBN 10 : 9780849947322
ISBN 13 : 0849947324

The author paints a picture of Christ's calm in what he calls "the second most stressful day in the life of our Savior." He shows the secret of transforming panic into peace, stres..

Eye Of The Storm

ISBN 10 : 9781459223790
ISBN 13 : 1459223799

After one of her patients is murdered, Dr. Megan Bradley has to get away. Away from the crime she saw but couldn't prevent, and away from missionary Gerard Vance, who almost made h..