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Hidden History Of Civil War Savannah

ISBN 10 : 9781625851802
ISBN 13 : 1625851804

Union general William T. Sherman cemented Savannah’s most notable Civil War connection when he ended his “March to the Sea” there in December 1864. However, more fascinating ..

Hidden History Of Civil War Charleston

ISBN 10 : 9781614236177
ISBN 13 : 1614236178

So many amazing Charleston Civil War stories have faded over time. Most people don't know of the elite 1860 Association that conspired to push South Carolina toward secession. Or a..

Hidden History Of Civil War Oregon

ISBN 10 : 9781625841780
ISBN 13 : 1625841787

Many Oregonians think of the Civil War as a faraway event or something that happens when the Ducks and the Beavers tangle. Few know that the state raised two Union regiments or tha..

Hidden History Of Rhode Island And The Civil War

ISBN 10 : 9781625847072
ISBN 13 : 1625847076

The smallest state to defend the Union and one far from the battlefront, Rhode Island's stories of the Civil War are often overlooked. From Brown University's John M. Hay, later to..

Hidden History Of Aiken County

ISBN 10 : 9781614237365
ISBN 13 : 1614237360

Situated between the mountains and the coast, Aiken County attracted ailing members of the southern planter class once the railroad from Charleston to Hamburg was completed in 1833..

Hidden History Of Fort Myers

ISBN 10 : 9781467137515
ISBN 13 : 1467137510

Although best known as the winter home of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, Fort Myers has one of the most engaging and extraordinary histories of any city in Florida. The spawn of a h..