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Hidden History Of Civil War Savannah

ISBN 10 : 9781625851802
ISBN 13 : 1625851804

Union general William T. Sherman cemented Savannah’s most notable Civil War connection when he ended his “March to the Sea” there in December 1864. However, more fascinating ..

Hidden History Of Civil War Oregon

ISBN 10 : 9781625841780
ISBN 13 : 1625841787

Many Oregonians think of the Civil War as a faraway event or something that happens when the Ducks and the Beavers tangle. Few know that the state raised two Union regiments or tha..

Hidden History Of Civil War Charleston

ISBN 10 : 9781614236177
ISBN 13 : 1614236178

So many amazing Charleston Civil War stories have faded over time. Most people don't know of the elite 1860 Association that conspired to push South Carolina toward secession. Or a..

The Immortal 600

ISBN 10 : 9781625840578
ISBN 13 : 1625840578

In 1864, six hundred Confederate prisoners of war, all officers, were taken out of a prison camp in Delaware and transported to South Carolina, where most were confined in a Union ..

Civil War Savannah Savannah Immortal City

ISBN 10 : 9781934572702
ISBN 13 : 1934572705

An epic iv volume history : a city & people that forged a living link between America, past & present...

Life Along The Apalachicola River

ISBN 10 : 9781625853011
ISBN 13 : 1625853017

In the Apalachicola River Valley, outdoor adventure is a way of life. It's a culture of fishing, hunting and everything in between, but this culture is fading as overdevelopment up..

A Secret Society History Of The Civil War

ISBN 10 : 9780252093593
ISBN 13 : 0252093593

This unique history of the Civil War considers the impact of nineteenth-century American secret societies on the path to as well as the course of the war. Beginning with the Europe..