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Militant Modernism

ISBN 10 : 9781780997353
ISBN 13 : 1780997353

Militant Modernism is a defence against Modernism's many detractors. It looks at design, film and architecture - especially architecture — and pursues the notion of an evolved mo..

A Guide To The New Ruins Of Great Britain

ISBN 10 : 1844677001
ISBN 13 : 9781844677009

A darkly humorous architectural guide to the decrepit new Britain that neoliberalism built. Back in 1997, New Labour came to power amid much talk of regenerating the inner cities l..

Landscapes Of Communism

ISBN 10 : 9781620971895
ISBN 13 : 1620971895

When communism took power in Eastern Europe it remade cities in its own image, transforming everyday life and creating sweeping boulevards and vast, epic housing estates in an emph..

A New Kind Of Bleak

ISBN 10 : 9781844679096
ISBN 13 : 1844679098

In A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain, Owen Hatherley skewered New Labour’s architectural legacy in all its witless swagger. Now, in the year of the Diamond Jubilee and th..

The Ministry Of Nostalgia

ISBN 10 : 9781784780784
ISBN 13 : 1784780782

Why should we have to “Keep Calm and Carry On”? In this brilliant polemical rampage, Owen Hatherley shows how our past is being resold in order to defend the indefensible. From..


ISBN 10 : 9781846948787
ISBN 13 : 1846948789

If we remember them at all, the Sheffield pop group Pulp are remembered for jolly class warfare ditty 'Common People', for the celebrity of their interestingly-named frontman, for ..

Dispensational Modernism

ISBN 10 : 9780190244095
ISBN 13 : 0190244097

Dispensationalism emerged in the twentieth century as a hugely influential force in American religion and soon became one of America's most significant religious exports. By the cl..