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Mobile Sensors And Context Aware Computing

ISBN 10 : 9780128017982
ISBN 13 : 0128017988

Mobile Sensors and Context-Aware Computing is a useful guide that explains how hardware, software, sensors, and operating systems converge to create a new generation of context-awa..

Sensing And Systems In Pervasive Computing

ISBN 10 : 0857298410
ISBN 13 : 9780857298416

Focus on issues and principles in context awareness, sensor processing and software design (rather than sensor networks or HCI or particular commercial systems). Designed as a text..

Generic And Energy Efficient Context Aware Mobile Sensing

ISBN 10 : 9781498700115
ISBN 13 : 149870011X

Elaborating on the concept of context awareness, this book presents up-to-date research and novel framework designs for context-aware mobile sensing. Generic and Energy-Efficient C..

Mobile Context Awareness

ISBN 10 : 9780857296252
ISBN 13 : 0857296256

Mobile context-awareness is a popular research trend in the field of ubiquitous computing. Advances in mobile device sensory hardware and the rise of ‘virtual’ sensors such as ..

Context Aware Pervasive Systems

ISBN 10 : 1420013491
ISBN 13 : 9781420013498

The concept of aware systems is among the most exciting trends in computing today, fueled by recent developments in pervasive computing, including new computers worn by users, embe..

Ubiquitous Computing

ISBN 10 : 9781119965268
ISBN 13 : 1119965268

This book provides an introduction to the complex field of ubiquitous computing Ubiquitous Computing (also commonly referred to as Pervasive Computing) describes the ways in which ..