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No It S Not Hot In Here

ISBN 10 : PSU:000044575519
ISBN 13 :

Presents the facts about menopause, exploring both the physical and psychological aspects, to help men understand what their wives are experiencing..

It S Getting Hot In Here

ISBN 10 : 9780544750593
ISBN 13 : 0544750594

Tackling the issue of global warming head-on for a teen audience, Bridget Heos examines the science behind it, the history of climate change on our planet, and the ways in which hu..

How To Iron Your Own Damn Shirt

ISBN 10 : 9780307420978
ISBN 13 : 0307420973

PERFECT HUSBANDS ARE MADE, NOT BORN LADIES: At long last, a practical guide to help your man become the perfect husband. How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt is your salvation, with sim..

Miss Match

ISBN 10 : 9781615215003
ISBN 13 : 161521500X

Lauren Holbrook has found her life’s calling: matchmaking for the romantically challenged. And with the eclectic cast of characters in her world, there’s tons of potential to p..

The Wellspring

ISBN 10 : 9781425749088
ISBN 13 : 1425749089

The Wellspring is a satire on the American education system. Leiden Shepherd finds himself wracked with doubt as early as kindergarten, and makes it his mission to investigate and ..

Is It Me Or Is It Hot In Here

ISBN 10 : 9781446458563
ISBN 13 : 1446458563

In Is it me or it hot in here? Jenni Murray, one of Britain's most popular journalists and broadcasters, addresses the menopause. She looks at what the menopause is - its symptoms ..

Yes It S Hot In Here

ISBN 10 : 9781623360030
ISBN 13 : 162336003X

Yes, It's Hot in Here explores the entertaining history of the mascot from its jester roots in Renaissance society to the slapstick pantomime of the Clown Prince of Baseball, Max P..