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The Telephone Patent Conspiracy Of 1876

ISBN 10 : 0786462434
ISBN 13 : 9780786462438

The invention of the telephone is a subject of great controversy, central is which is the patent issued to Alexander Graham Bell on March 7, 1876. Many problems and questions surro..

The Telephone Gambit Chasing Alexander Graham Bell S Secret

ISBN 10 : 9780393333688
ISBN 13 : 039333368X

Documents the illicit beginnings of the lucrative telephone monopoly, revealing how Bell's journals acknowledged his illegal copying of Elisha Gray's invention in order to secure w..


ISBN 10 : 9780743213219
ISBN 13 : 0743213211

In 1957 Gordon Gould, then an obscure physicist and perennial graduate student, conceived one of the revolutionary inventions of the twentieth century -- the laser. But before he c..

Reluctant Genius

ISBN 10 : 9781628721409
ISBN 13 : 1628721405

The popular image of Alexander Graham Bell is that of an elderly American patriarch, memorable only for his paunch, his Santa Claus beard, and the invention of the telephone. In th..

Hacker Crackdown

ISBN 10 : 1535486902
ISBN 13 : 9781535486903

A history of hacker sub-culture in the 1990s - from Operation Sun Devil to the formation of the EFF...