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Hugh Robinson Pioneer Aviator

ISBN 10 : 0813013615
ISBN 13 : 9780813013619

Hugh Robinson (1881-1963) was a dare-devil, a compulsive inventor, an important figure in the early history of American aeronautics, and one tough customer. He survived test flight..

Aviation In Florida

ISBN 10 : 9781561642816
ISBN 13 : 1561642819

Florida--land of perpetual sunshine, open spaces, and endless blue skies perfect for flying. Blimps, hot air balloons, bi-wings, jets, space shuttles-you name it: if you can fly it..

Cartographies Of Travel And Navigation

ISBN 10 : 9780226010786
ISBN 13 : 0226010783

Finding one’s way with a map is a relatively recent phenomenon. In premodern times, maps were used, if at all, mainly for planning journeys in advance, not for guiding travelers ..

Royal Navy Search And Rescue

ISBN 10 : 9781445634746
ISBN 13 : 1445634740

Today, the sight of a helicopter speeding toward some destination is familiar enough, but take a moment to consider: is there a life at stake? Is someone in peril and on a knife ed..

Us Carrier War

ISBN 10 : 9781848841857
ISBN 13 : 184884185X

This book covers all aspects of the operations made by US aircraft carriers, from their introduction into service during WW1 to the continuing conflicts in the Middle East. America..


ISBN 10 : 9781780230146
ISBN 13 : 1780230141

From oar-powered quinqueremes, to steam-powered freighters, to luxury ocean liners such as the Titanic,to aircraft carriers like the Abraham Lincoln,ships have played an integral r..