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Human Factors In Safety Critical Systems

ISBN 10 : 0750627158
ISBN 13 : 9780750627153

Safety-critical systems are found in almost every sector of industry. Faults in these systems will result in a breach of safe operating conditions and exposure to the possible risk..

Safety Critical Systems The Convergence Of High Tech And Human Factors

ISBN 10 : 9781447114802
ISBN 13 : 1447114809

Safety-critical systems, in the sense of software-based systems used in safety critical applications, are 'high-tech'. They are products of modern technology. Their effective, effi..

Guide To Applying Human Factors Methods

ISBN 10 : 9781447138129
ISBN 13 : 1447138120

Human error plays a significant role in many accidents involving safety-critical systems, and it is now a standard requirement in both the US and Europe for Human Factors (HF) to b..

Reliability And Risk Issues In Large Scale Safety Critical Digital Control Systems

ISBN 10 : 9781848003835
ISBN 13 : 1848003838

“Reliability and Risk Issues in Large Scale Safety-critical Digital Control Systems” provides a comprehensive coverage of reliability issues and their corresponding countermeas..

Safe Comp 96

ISBN 10 : 9781447109372
ISBN 13 : 1447109376

SAFECOMP '96 contains papers presented at the 15th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security held in Vienna, Austria, 23-25 October 1996. The conference..

Improvements In System Safety

ISBN 10 : 1848001002
ISBN 13 : 9781848001008

This book contains the full complement of papers presented at the sixteenth annual Safety-critical Systems Symposium, held at Bristol, UK, in February 2008. The Symposium is for en..

Technology And Assessment Of Safety Critical Systems

ISBN 10 : 9781447120827
ISBN 13 : 1447120825

The programme for the Second Safety-critical Systems Symposium was planned to examine the various aspects of technology currently employed in the design of safety-critical systems,..