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Humanbiotechnology As Social Challenge

ISBN 10 : 9781351929530
ISBN 13 : 1351929534

Humanbiotechnology has progressed immensely, and humanbiotechnological research has entered a crucial stage. This collection of essays is a significant and original contribution to..

From The Radical Center

ISBN 10 : 9781135061562
ISBN 13 : 1135061564

This remarkable collection traces central themes in the work of Erving and Miriam Polster, two of the best-known and best loved Gestalt therapists in the world. The writings herein..

Cyber Security Engineering

ISBN 10 : 9780134189871
ISBN 13 : 0134189876

Cyber Security Engineering is the definitive modern reference and tutorial on the full range of capabilities associated with modern cyber security engineering. Pioneering software ..

Overcoming Students Misconceptions In Science

ISBN 10 : 9789811034374
ISBN 13 : 9811034370

This book discusses the importance of identifying and addressing misconceptions for the successful teaching and learning of science across all levels of science education from elem..

The Architecture Of Neoliberalism

ISBN 10 : 9781472581532
ISBN 13 : 1472581539

The Architecture of Neoliberalism pursues an uncompromising critique of the neoliberal turn in contemporary architecture. This book reveals how a self-styled parametric and post-cr..

The Animal Question Why Nonhuman Animals Deserve Human Rights

ISBN 10 : 0199721319
ISBN 13 : 9780199721313

How much do animals matter--morally? Can we keep considering them as second class beings, to be used merely for our benefit? Or, should we offer them some form of moral egalitarian..

Defending Animal Rights

ISBN 10 : 025202611X
ISBN 13 : 9780252026119

More than a contest of wills representing professional and economic interests, the animal rights debate is also and enduring topic in normative ethical theory. 'Defending Animal Ri..