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The Seven Mountain Travel Books

ISBN 10 : 0898869609
ISBN 13 : 9780898869606

H.W. Tilman has been called 'arguably the best expedition writer and best explorer-mountaineer' of the 20th century. This omnibus of exploratory mountain travel covers the years 19..

The Eight Sailing Mountain Exploration Books

ISBN 10 : 0898861438
ISBN 13 : 9780898861433

Includes Mischief in Patagonia; Mischief Among the Penguins; Mischief in Greenland; and Mostly Mischief...

Snow On The Equator

ISBN 10 : 9781910240106
ISBN 13 : 1910240109

&‘To those who went to the War straight from school and survived it, the problem of what to do afterwards was particularly difficult.&’ For H.W. Tilman, the solution lay in Afri..

Mischief In Patagonia

ISBN 10 : 9781909461178
ISBN 13 : 1909461172

So I began thinking again of those two white blanks on the map, of penguins and humming birds, of the pampas and of gauchos, in short, of Patagonia, a place where, one was told, th..

Shipton And Tilman

ISBN 10 : 9781409021407
ISBN 13 : 1409021408

Using unpublished diaries, Jim Perrin, the acclaimed author of The Villain and Menlove, tells the story of the greatest exploring partnership in British history. In the 1930s Tilma..

The Six Mountain Travel Books

ISBN 10 : 0898865395
ISBN 13 : 9780898865394

Nanda Devi; Blank on the Map; Upon That Mountain; Mt. Everest Reconnaissance Expedition 1951; Mountains of Tartary; and Land of Tempest...

Triumph And Tribulation

ISBN 10 : 0245531246
ISBN 13 : 9780245531248

Describes 1974 voyage to Spitzbergen and 1975 and 1976 voyages to Greenland...