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I Flew For The F Hrer

ISBN 10 : 1848326483
ISBN 13 : 9781848326484

Heinz Knoke was one of the outstanding German fighter pilots of World War II and this vivid first-hand record of his experiences has become a classic among aviation memoirs, a best..

I Flew For The F Hrer

ISBN 10 : 1853672637
ISBN 13 : 9781853672637

Heinz Knoke was one of Nazi Germanys outstanding pilots, and this dramatic record of his experiences, illustrated with personal photos, has become a classic among aviation memoirs...

I Flew For The F Hrer The Story Of A German Fighter Pilot Illustrated Edition

ISBN 10 : 9781786256478
ISBN 13 : 1786256479

Includes the Aerial Warfare In Europe During World War II illustrations pack with over 180 maps, plans, and photos. Heinz Knoke was one of Nazi Germany’s outstanding pilots, and ..

The Writing 69th

ISBN 10 : 9780971721104
ISBN 13 : 0971721106

The Writing 69th, eight civilian and military journalists who covered the U.S. 8th Air Force during World War II, included Walter Cronkite, Andy Rooney and Homer Bigart. Six of the..

The Top 500 Poems

ISBN 10 : 023108028X
ISBN 13 : 9780231080286

Poems by Chaucer, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Dickinson, Hughes, Plath, and others are accompanied by biographical sketches and commentary..


ISBN 10 : 110117515X
ISBN 13 : 9781101175156

A true, bestselling story from the battlefield that faithfully portrays the horror, the madness, and the trauma of the Vietnam War More than half a million copies of Chickenhawk ha..

Wild Blue

ISBN 10 : 9781471104411
ISBN 13 : 1471104419

In the bestselling BAND OF BROTHERS, Stephen E. Ambrose portrayed in vivid detail the experiences of soldiers who fought on the bloody battlegrounds of World War II. THE WILD BLUE ..