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Illustrated Anatomy Of The World S Fighters

ISBN 10 : 0760311242
ISBN 13 : 9780760311240

A detailed overview of the development of fighter aircraft achieved through detailed pictorial, diagramatic and written analysis of 100 examples which include the WWI Morane-Saulni..

World S Worst Aircraft

ISBN 10 : 9781404218376
ISBN 13 : 1404218378

Describes the aircraft with the least success, including planes that were obsolete, based on ideas that did not work, powered by engines that were too weak, or had stability proble..

Encyclopedia Of United States National Security

ISBN 10 : 9780761929277
ISBN 13 : 0761929274

Articles discuss issues related to the national security policies, from historical, economic, political, and technological viewpoints, covering treaties, developments in weaponry a..

The Panavia Tornado

ISBN 10 : 9781473869134
ISBN 13 : 1473869137

Through a collection of dramatic and informative photographs, supplemented by cutaway illustrations, this book highlights the agility and flexibility of this dedicated RAF aircraft..

War Bird Ace

ISBN 10 : 1585445541
ISBN 13 : 9781585445547

"In February 1920, after assuming command of Rickenbacker's famous 94[superscript th] Aero Squadron at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Kindley led a practice drill during which some en..

Famous Fighters Of The Second World War Volume One

ISBN 10 : 9781786258717
ISBN 13 : 1786258714

This volume is the 1960 follow-up to the 1959 publication “Famous Bombers of the Second World War: Volume One,” William Green here covers a further extensive number of aircraft..