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In Search Of A Wild Brumby

ISBN 10 : 9781742742847
ISBN 13 : 174274284X

Bestselling author Mike Keenan is off again - this time with the daunting task of capturing a Snowy Mountains brumby, following in the footsteps of the Man from Snowy River. When M..


ISBN 10 : 9781775590835
ISBN 13 : 1775590836

The Brumby holds a special place in the Australian psyche. Immortalised in films such as The Man from Snowy River and books like the Silver Brumby series, Brumbies epitomise the sp..

Wild Horses Don T Swim

ISBN 10 : 9781742742885
ISBN 13 : 1742742882

The author of the bestselling The Horses Too Are Gone takes us on another unforgettable adventure. Australian farmer Mike Keenan's first book - a true story of battling drought to ..

The Silver Brumby Essential Modern Classics

ISBN 10 : 9780007508136
ISBN 13 : 0007508131

“The Silver Brumby took me cantering into the world’s wilder places.” – Geraldine McCaughrean A silver brumby is a rare and special creature, prized both by other horses an..

The Shadows Of Horses

ISBN 10 : 9781442966178
ISBN 13 : 1442966173

In The Shadows of Horses, Mike Keenan shares the inside story of what life is like on the land for today's farmers - the isolation, the agony of drought and the uncertainty about t..

Silver Brumbies Of The South

ISBN 10 : 9781743097878
ISBN 13 : 1743097875

Silver Brumbies of the South is the third book in the original series about the Silver Brumby. thowra, the most beautiful brumby stallion ever to gallop across the great Main Range..

Saving The Snowy Brumbies

ISBN 10 : 9780143784500
ISBN 13 : 0143784501

Australia's wild brumbies are slaughtered in their thousands every year. In this heart-wrenching read, Vicki, Amanda and Kelly Wilson travel to the Snowy Mountains to tame wild hor..