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Inca Architecture And Construction At Ollantaytambo

ISBN 10 : MINN:31951D00979755W
ISBN 13 :

It is a modern-day mystery how the Inca, who did not have iron tools or knowledge of the wheel, mined and transported stones and dressed and fitted them in remarkable structures. J..

The Inca World

ISBN 10 : 0806132213
ISBN 13 : 9780806132211

This lavishly illustrated volume, based on extensive archeological research and Spanish colonial documentation, provides important insights into many questions and contradictions r..

At Home With The Sapa Inca

ISBN 10 : 9781477305508
ISBN 13 : 1477305505

By examining the stunning stone buildings and dynamic spaces of the royal estate of Chinchero, Nair brings to light the rich complexity of Inca architecture. This investigation ran..

Encyclopedia Of The Incas

ISBN 10 : 9780759123632
ISBN 13 : 0759123632

The Inca Empire existed for fewer than 100 years, yet ruled more subjects than either the Aztecs or the Maya and occupied a territory stretching nearly 3000 miles. The Incas left n..

A Culture Of Stone

ISBN 10 : 9780822393177
ISBN 13 : 0822393174

A major contribution to both art history and Latin American studies, A Culture of Stone offers sophisticated new insights into Inka culture and the interpretation of non-Western ar..

The Universe Of Design

ISBN 10 : 9781136970443
ISBN 13 : 1136970444

This book examines the theoretical foundations of the processes of planning and design. When people – alone or in groups – want to solve problems or improve their situation, th..

The Stones Of Tiahuanaco

ISBN 10 : 1931745676
ISBN 13 : 9781931745673

The world's most artful and skillful stone architecture is found at Tiahuanaco at the southern end of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The precision of the stone masonry rivals that of th..