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Individual And Small Group Decisions

ISBN 10 : 9781475720686
ISBN 13 : 1475720688

ecision making is one of the most important activities in both our profes D sional and our private lives today. The literature on the subject has grown considerably over the last f..

Doorways To Decision Making

ISBN 10 : 1882664213
ISBN 13 : 9781882664214

Shows teachers how to plan, design, and construct classroom activities that teach practical decision making strategies...

Creating Effective Groups

ISBN 10 : 0742553426
ISBN 13 : 9780742553422

Provides an introduction to the study of small group communication, group decision-making, group problem solving, group dynamics, leadership, and team building. This book gives stu..

Communication And Group Decision Making

ISBN 10 : 076190462X
ISBN 13 : 9780761904625

Despite the importance of group communication processes, they remain elusive and difficult to understand, and the type of theory necessary to make sense of these processes differs ..

Understanding Group Behavior Consensual Action By Small Groups

ISBN 10 : 0805816399
ISBN 13 : 9780805816396

These books grew out of the perception that a number of important conceptual and theoretical advances in research on small group behavior had developed in recent years, but were sc..