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Making Choices About Hydrogen

ISBN 10 : 9789280811551
ISBN 13 : 928081155X

Since the mid-1990s, the emergence of hydrogen economy and the speed with which it will arrive have been vigorously debated. As a disruptive technology, dominant designs for the pr..

The Cambridge Economic History Of Modern Europe

ISBN 10 : 0521882028
ISBN 13 : 9780521882026

Unlike most existing textbooks on the economic history of modern Europe, which offer a country-by-country approach, The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Europe rethinks Europe'..

Industry Structure And Pricing

ISBN 10 : 9781475754568
ISBN 13 : 1475754566

Industry Structure and Pricing: The New Rivalry in Infrastructure extends current economic models by incorporating effects of actual and potential rivalry in markets outside the ma..

Information Technology And Changes In Organizational Work

ISBN 10 : 0412640104
ISBN 13 : 9780412640100

Many organisations are using an increased range of information technologies to support a variety of new organisational practices and organisational forms. The book aims to investig..

Data Envelopment Analysis

ISBN 10 : 9780306475412
ISBN 13 : 0306475413

In a relatively short period of time Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) has grown into a powerful quantitative, analytical tool for measuring and evaluating performance. It has been s..

Digital Capitalism

ISBN 10 : 0262692333
ISBN 13 : 9780262692335

Schiller traces the transformation of the Internet from government, military, and educational tool to agent of "digital capitalism" through three critically important and interlink..

Handbook Of Strategic Environmental Assessment

ISBN 10 : 9781136539145
ISBN 13 : 113653914X

This authoritative handbook surveys the full breadth and depth of SEA, bringing together a range of international perspectives and insights on the theoretical, methodological and i..