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Information For Innovation

ISBN 10 : 0191584150
ISBN 13 : 9780191584152

Information is not taken seriously. Much is said about the information age, the information economy, the information society, and particularly about information technology, but lit..

Advanced Topics In Information Resources Management Volume 5

ISBN 10 : 9781591409311
ISBN 13 : 1591409314

Advanced Topics in Information Resources Management is a series of books that features the most current research findings in all aspects of information resources management. From s..

Imagining The Internet

ISBN 10 : 9780199697045
ISBN 13 : 0199697043

This book brings together and reviews different disciplinary approaches to digital information and communication systems across the social sciences. It synthesises the developments..

Technological Communities And Networks

ISBN 10 : 9781134312450
ISBN 13 : 1134312458

The first book to analyze how new technologies are emerging against a background of continuing globalization of research and development activities. This unique book explores how t..

Marketing And Innovation Management

ISBN 10 : 9781601983527
ISBN 13 : 1601983522

It would be difficult to find a CEO today that would not rank "innovation" as one of the top means by which a firm can sustain growth and survive a harsh competitive environment. H..

Intellectual Property Biogenetic Resources And Traditional Knowledge

ISBN 10 : 9781136536274
ISBN 13 : 1136536272

Biogenetic resources - the critical biological and chemical materials that underpin so much of medicine, both modern and traditional, agriculture, and wider economic activity in so..

Managing Web Enabled Technologies In Organizations A Global Perspective

ISBN 10 : 9781930708686
ISBN 13 : 1930708688

Technological advancements of the past several decades in computer and telecommunication technologies have had a profound impact upon the fundamental structures of society, and par..