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Defending Christian Faith

ISBN 10 : 9783110375817
ISBN 13 : 3110375818

The book presents Medieval Christian writer Gerasimus who in a debate with Islam presents reasoned proofs that refute charges of deception and duplicity made against Christians by ..

Europe And The Gospel

ISBN 10 : 9788376560380
ISBN 13 : 8376560387

The key to understanding ‘Europe’ is the paradox of the influence of Christianity and its concurrent abandonment of its message and institutions. In his thought-provoking analy..

International Business

ISBN 10 : 9780133540390
ISBN 13 : 0133540391


Grace For President

ISBN 10 : 1423139992
ISBN 13 : 9781423139997

Grace campaigns for president of her grade, but when her competition seems to have the support of all the male voters, she must use all her campaigning skills to win them over by s..

Reinforcement Learning

ISBN 10 : 9781461536185
ISBN 13 : 1461536189

Reinforcement learning is the learning of a mapping from situations to actions so as to maximize a scalar reward or reinforcement signal. The learner is not told which action to ta..