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Inside Prime Time

ISBN 10 : 9781134886593
ISBN 13 : 1134886594

Prime time: those precious few hours every night when the three major television networks garner millions of dollars while tens of millions of Americans tune in. Inside Prime Time ..

Beyond Prime Time

ISBN 10 : 9781135842611
ISBN 13 : 1135842612

Daytime soap operas. Evening news. Late-night talk shows. Television has long been defined by its daily schedule, and the viewing habits that develop around it. Technologies like D..

Adventures On Prime Time

ISBN 10 : 027593330X
ISBN 13 : 9780275933302

The author examines the work of Stephen J.Cannell, one of television's most prolific and successful producers. Thompson uses theories of film authorship revised for application to ..

Production Studies

ISBN 10 : 9781135840150
ISBN 13 : 1135840156

"Behind-the-scenes" stories of ranting directors, stingy producers, temperamental actors, and the like have fascinated us since the beginnings of film and television. Today, magazi..

When Television Was Young

ISBN 10 : 080206647X
ISBN 13 : 9780802066473

A decade after the first Canadian telecasts in September 1952, TV had conquered the country. Why was the little screen so enthusiastically welcomed by Canadians? Was television in ..

The Wire Deadwood Homicide And Nypd Blue

ISBN 10 : 9780313378195
ISBN 13 : 0313378193

This book offers the only examination of the television writing of David Milch and David Simon as significant contributions to American culture, literature, and social realism. * C..

Blockbuster Tv

ISBN 10 : 9780814783511
ISBN 13 : 0814783511

Archie Bunker. Jed. Laverne and Shirley. Cliff Huxtable. Throughout the entire history of American prime-time television only four sitcoms have been true blockbusters, with Nielsen..