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Children Of The Tide

ISBN 10 : 9781459724204
ISBN 13 : 1459724208

London: the early 1840s. The birth of the young Queen Victoria's first child is taken as an auspicious sign for all. But on a cold March night, a spree of dark crimes in shadowy wo..

Russia In A Box

ISBN 10 : 0875803393
ISBN 13 : 9780875803395

What did it mean to be Russian as the imperial era gave way to Soviet rule? Andrew Jenks turns to a unique art form produced in the village of Palekh to investigate how artists and..

The Courage To Be Yourself

ISBN 10 : 1575428547
ISBN 13 : 9781575428543

Cassandra is hassled by her friends for sitting with the “wrong” kids at lunch. Jennifer gets harassed because she’s overweight. Dwan’s own family taunts her for not being ..

Forced Passages

ISBN 10 : 9781452907338
ISBN 13 : 1452907331

With the US having the highest incarceration rate in the world, prisons have become sites of radical political discourse and resistance. Dylan Rodriguez examines the work of a numb..

Collective Excellence

ISBN 10 : 0784405468
ISBN 13 : 9780784405468

Examines teamwork in the engineering workplace, offering team members at various levels tips, techniques, and precautions for better management and optimum productivity. This book ..